"If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the tools to write"
—Stephen King. On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

A list of blogs and resources I usually read and learn with. 📚 👨‍💻 🛠

ByteByteGo Newsletter
A popular weekly newsletter covering topics and trends in large-scale system design, from the authors of the best-selling System Design Interview series. Click to read ByteByteGo Newsletter, a Substack publication with tens of thousands of readers.

⚡️ Designing and building applications and systems based on Reactive Principles, patterns, and projects. Approach to thinking, designing, building, and reasoning about software systems—in particular, distributed, highly concurrent, and data-intensive applications:

Blog | Reactive Foundation

🏔 Real Life Architectures:

🚀 All things APIs—from their prehistory to their future, their design and development to their opportunities and impacts:

💰 It is very interesting how Stripe writes about Payments Architectures and their challenges:

🧑‍💻 A must about Microservices, Streaming, Reactive, Machine Learning, Observability. Software Development News, Videos & Books:

InfoQ: Software Development News, Videos & Books
Curated and peer-reviewed content covering innovation in professional software development, read by over 1 million developers worldwide

☁️ How Amazon builds and operates software:

🐝 IBM has excellent advocate developers and these articles:

🚥 The best of Kafka:

🛠 Very interesting and insightful posts about different topics of Software Engineering (distributed systems, architecture, among other). Also you can read about real projects along big companies like Uber:

The Pragmatic Engineer
Software engineering at the intersection of Silicon Valley & European startups and tech companies

🚗 I really like when Tech Companies write and keep up to date their blogs with stories about what is happening under the wood. Here an example:

Uber Engineering Blog
Software engineering and technologies that set the world in motion

🧠 In machine learning realm I like NLP, and this blog is one of the best with news about the progress and much more:

The State of Transfer Learning in NLP
This post expands on the NAACL 2019 tutorial on Transfer Learning in NLP. It highlights key insights and takeaways and provides updates based on recent work.

💥 If you like breaking things on purpose to make them more resilient against failure, Adrian is one of the best out there. His blog is full of resources and learnings around Chaos Engineering:

Adrian Hornsby – Medium
Read writing from Adrian Hornsby on Medium. Principal Developer Advocate, Architecture @awscloud ☁️ I break stuff .. mostly. Opinions here are my own.